User Centered Design

User Centered Design is based on sound engineering principles and well founded methodologies. With this service, we aim to improve the total experience of our client’s product (or service) and reduce the total cost of product development and deployment. We look at, for example:

  • How the design affects user interaction throughout product lifecycle

  • How the design fulfils user and business goals of the product

  • How the design impacts brand image and users’ self image

The solutions we develop can cover the whole package; branding, software development, training, online and traditional documentation, support, etc. This approach allows us to reduce costs in many areas, through effective, smart design solutions.

  • With this service, we can offer very high value design and consultation, as well as the implementation. There are several different disciplines and skills involved:

  • Information architects (information modeling)

  • Solution architects (learning solution deployment)

  • Interaction designers (product behavior)

  • Graphic designer and/or multimedia developers (audio/visuals)

  • SW engineers (technical implementation)

  • Content developers or technical writers (writing and editing)

  • Instructional designers (course development)

Not all clients, and certainly not all products, are in a position to support such a broad design and implementation effort. Therefore, we tailor each proposal to meet the specific needs of the client. In some cases we may, for example, offer only user research and interaction design, others just information design and content development, and so on.