Learnfinity is an e-learning system providing a complete range of functionalities for e-learning content creation and delivery. It offers a cost-effective solution without major systems investment. It also provides assessment capabilities to help instructors gauge student comprehension.

problems Addressed

Today the traditional class room learning is rapidly being replaced with e-learning. With e-learning, delivery of information can be done on a real time basis. Learnfinity provides easy to use tools for fully integrated content creation and delivery. It also complies with all the latest standards in the e-learning industry.


Learnfinity has the following advantages:

  • Provision of online learning through student self-paced learning and revision

  • Better access to training resources

  • Online group work and collaboration

  • Online tests and automated assessment

  • Compliancy to standards for reusability, integration, monitoring, and tracking


Learnfinity offers the following features:

  • Automatically stores and indexes the learning material for searching using the international standards for metadata tagging and indexing.

  • Provides secure and scalable open source platform ensuring that learners can access and download the material for offline learning.

  • Provides effective collaboration tools, such as forums and instant messaging allowing instructors to share their learning materials with other instructors and users.

  • Tracks the progress of learners to ensure that they read the material prior to attending their classes.

  • Provides assessment tools such as quizzes to measure the learner’s understanding of the material.

  • Complies with leading industry standards thereby minimizing the risk of system migration.